With its excellent fuel efficiency, Toyota Hybrid literally takes you further with more mileage and lesser stops for fuel. The drive is made exceptional with powerful torque, near silent performance, and lesser CO₂ emissions. Most importantly, it charges as you drive so a flat battery is the last thing on your mind.

What’s more? Enjoy $15,000 VES rebate on our VES Band A hybrid models plus complimentary $800 petrol vouchers* and high trade-in values on your current car. If you’re looking for a ride that can drives the Xtra miles, look no further, pick your Toyota Hybrid today.

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*Valid till 7 Apr 2021 only. Terms and conditions apply. Prices advertised are subject to trade-in, 6 bid non-guaranteed COE, in-house financing and insurance.

*With purchase of any car. Terms and conditions apply.